You've Found Your Guide For Pregnancy, Birth, And Postpartum

Strong motherhood starts with a tribe: wisdom, support, and advocacy for you when you're most vulnerable. Let me guide you through an empowering birth as your holistic doula.

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Your Birth Journey

1. Foundational Grounding

Prenatal Visit #1: Understand the lay of the land for the transformative process ahead

  • Review optimal exercise and nutrition practices
  • Understand common interventions & informed consent
  • Walk through the comprehensive educational materials curated by Alexa
  • Discuss and educate on the stages of labor, what to expect, and best practices to empower you with the confidence needed for birth and postpartum

2. Prepare Your Body

Prenatal Visit #2: Strategize for a safe and peaceful birth

  • Review the physicality of laboring positions
  • Walk through best practices for late pregnancy
  • Finalize your birth plan with Alexa

3. Balance Your Mind

Final Prep Walk: Be present, stress-free, and able to cut out the noise

  • Take a walk and work through any fears
  • Practice some movement to help position baby
  • Ensure you are 100% prepared for your birth

4. Cross The Threshold

Birth: Give birth in a safe and positive environment

  • Alexa is on call +/- 2 weeks from your delivery date and will be available as soon as active labor begins
  • Alexa will be by your side throughout the entire birthing process

5. Nurture And Recover

Postpartum Visit: Meet the needs you didn't know you needed

  • Birth processing and reflection
  • Breastfeeding support and guidance
  • Whatever your needs may be: tidying up, childcare, or a nurturing meal


Alexa Diesu, a Miami native, is a holistic Doula who passionately supports and empowers women throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.

Drawing from her own birth experience and challenges with the obstetric system, Alexa empowers women through education along with emotional and physical support from conception through postpartum.

Alexa believes that birth should be a safe, empowering, and transformative experience. No woman should have to face it alone; they deserve a trusted and supportive team that creates a nurturing environment.

Alexa dedicates herself to protecting the sacredness of birth.


Gunjan and Abhishek

My husband and I both agree that hiring Alexa, was one of the best decisions we made for the birth of our second kid. We both highly recommend her!

We hired Alexa for our second birth. Our first kid was also born at home in California. It was an empowering experience. Given we had such a great experience, we had lots of expectations from our doula. But Alexa exceeded all of them right from the start. Throughout the pregnancy her recommendations were spot on. Some instances are:

Exercise she recommended helped getting baby in optimal positions.

She recommended not getting a cervix dilation check as it provides no information and is a painful experience. Our midwife insisted on doing a cervical check and it turned out to be exactly what Alexa said.

Positions during labor she recommended fastened the labor.

Hazel witch solution she provided greatly helped with recovery.

She was responsive throughout the labor and arrived before the midwife when the active labor had started.

We feel really fortunate to know Alexa as a person and a doula.

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Marisol Medina

Before meeting Alexa, I had no idea how the birthing process was. I assumed I would start feeling pain, or that my water would break and then I'd run to the hospital. Surely the hospital knew more than me on what to do. I thought they'd assess the situation and decide what's the best way to deliver my baby.

The day I met Alexa I was already pregnant. We spoke a bit about pregnancy, sharing her personal experiences since she herself is a mama. She offered her services as a Doula, and I for sure accepted. I knew baby would eventually come, and the thought of having someone guide me throughout the process seemed like the best idea.

Words can't describe my whole experience with Alexa! She led me into a world of pregnancy that was so unfamiliar to me, yet resonated with my entire being!

Alexa provided me a cocoon of warmth, grounding energy for the very primal thing we came to do as women, wrapped in love, comfort and safety in a journey that is so very raw, so beautiful and so fearful at the same time.

She brought out the superwoman in me, equipped me with knowledge about the medical system versus childbirth from a natural perspective. My entire view shifted from one of just allowing the system to do what they think is best for me and my baby to me taking control of how I would like things to play out.

She was hands on, taught me exercises and breathing techniques to help naturally induce labor and to work with during labor. She even put together my birth plan - all of which was unknown to me.

We found the best doctor and hospital. I labored for 24 hours, and I wouldn't have done it without her by my side. I'm very proud of the work we did together with Alexa and my husband...we are both forever grateful for her guidance, working with us as a team during and after the birth of our baby boy 💙

I give my full recommendation to anyone who is interested in working with Alexa, #1 Doula in my book!

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Sarah P.

Working with Alexa was nothing short of magical. Our prenatals were so detailed & informative, leaving me SO empowered and excited to give birth. She felt like a sister with her confidence and gentle nature with me, as well as her ultra supportive & non-judgmental approach. I planned for a home birth and things changed as new information came to light on my baby. she helped me find the OB of my dreams in the final weeks of pregnancy. Every step of the way I felt supported and never felt lonely. I was at the deadline for an induction, which I was really trying to avoid, but coupled with my own hypnobirthing training, the positions and circuit she had me do, and other recommendations, labor began and I gave birth in 3 hours! It was the fastest and somewhat easiest experience. I was unmedicated and gave birth to my 11 pound baby on all fours. She empowered me to get everything I wanted out of my birth in the hospital setting and it was so successful. I can’t recommend her enough. She now works with my friends with great success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Doula?

A birth doula is informational, physical, and emotional support for every step - including postpartum - of your pregnancy journey. A birth doula’s goal is to ensure a safe and protected delivery. She is your big sister in the room, someone who mothers the mother-to-be.

Why work with a Doula?

A doula is an advocate on your team who sees around upcoming corners, letting you know what you do (and don’t!) have to do, providing alternative options to what the healthcare complex offers, coaching you and your spouse on how to navigate pressures from medical professionals whose practiced bedside manner can sometimes feel indifferent to your needs. Women who work with birth doulas report higher overall satisfaction with their birth experience and have reduced chances of medical intervention and postpartum depression.

Does a Doula make decisions on my behalf?

She does not - but since she understands your vision for your dream birth, she will help you and your spouse advocate your decisions to medical staff and other parties.

Is a Doula a medical person?

No. A doula is not a nurse nor medical staff. They do not perform medical tasks nor clinical care.

I’m 9 months pregnant! Is it too late for me to work with a doula?

Nope! It’s never too late to get a doula on your team. No matter where you are in your pregnancy journey, Our process can help ensure you give birth in a safe and protected environment.

When should a doula arrive?

The doula should arrive once you're in active labor and will provide virtual support before to best assist progression of early labor.

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